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Friday, February 29, 2008
How To Control The Habit Of Eating at Night
Are you like many of us who are in the habit of eating at night even though we’re not hungry? Does your desire to lose weight infringe on this habit? Learn how to take control over the habit of snacking at night by reading these suggestions.


Things you'll need:
  • Fresh fruit and veggies
  • Puzzles
  • Knitting or crochet supplies

Step 1:Write down the times in the evening that you do your snacking, such as what television shows or what events normally inspire you to eat.

Step 2:Now establish what types of foods you eat during those times. Is it cakes and pastries? Chips? French fries? Pizza?

Step 3:If your weakness is snacking on finger foods such as chips, fries, peanuts or cookies, then substitute those snacks with healthy finger foods such as sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg, pear slices, grapefruit slices, even broccoli and carrots. These foods are not only healthy but they are fat burners as well. Serve them on a nicely set-up tray, and make it a special snack that you look forward to.

Step 4:If your snack is more substantial food such as hamburgers or pizza, then you need to substitute those foods with healthy foods such as fruit or raw veggies. Fill the plate you normally use with healthy food and enjoy.

Step 5:Perhaps, you don’t want to eat at all but need to do something with your hands. Take up crocheting or knitting and occupy your hands and mind with a productive hobby.

Step 6:Set up a puzzle on your coffee table and work on that during the "snacking" period. You can still watch television while doing a puzzle. This often detours your desire to eat because your hands and minds are preoccupied and don’t need the snack.

Relevent Tips:

If you have allergies to any of the suggested fruits or vegetables then avoid those and eat some other fruit or veggie in its place.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
How To Burn Fat and Stay Healthy
If you're not looking or willing to change, then stop reading. If you aren't currently burning the amount of fat you would like, then something in your daily routine has to change. There is no silver bullet here: a combination of diet and exercise is the answer.


Step 1:Exercise is essential. Walk, ride a bike--whatever. Just do it for 30 minutes a day. A small increase in your exercise per day, if consistent, will do wonders for burning fat.

Step 2:The more natural you can keep your diet, the better. If you can't find it in nature, think twice about eating it.

Step 3:Eat regularly. Skipping meals in an effort to burn fat is a myth. It only makes you hungrier and increases your chance of binging later. Sometimes more smaller meals as opposed to less larger meals is the answer. Less larger meals will keep you full and keep you from binging later.

Step 4:Eat like a king for breakfast and a pauper for dinner. Americans do exactly the opposite which is healthy: they eat a small breakfast and a large dinner. You should eat a large breakfast because you have the rest of the day to burn off those calories. Eat a small dinner because when you sleep, your metabolism slows.

Step 5:Educate yourself about food and nutrition. The more you know about what you're putting into your body, the more you will get out of it.


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Monday, February 25, 2008
How To Avoid Junk Food at Work
We all fall victim to eating junk food at work; virtually no one is immune. In my clinical practice as a nurse practitioner, my office is constantly being bombarded with cookies, cakes and candy every day of the week. I imagine yours is too. So if you want to get off the junk food merry-go-round and improve your health--I have a few suggestions that may be helpful.

Things You'll Need:
  • Junk food notebook
  • A major sense of humor

Step 1:Manage your junk food intake or let it ruin your health. The choice is really yours! Totally avoiding eating any junk food is only for those of us with Superman-like strength and willpower. Sadly, if we totally abstain we may end up overeating and consuming way more junk food then we would have had in the first place. So at the beginning of the day allocate a predetermined amount of junk food you will allow yourself. (Some days you may not feel like having any and cheer yourself on!)

Step 2:Do NOT make a big deal or announcement about your plan to avoid/limit junk food. You will be setting yourself up for peer pressure, office jokes and endless monitoring by your coworkers of what you eat. You are doing this for you.

Step 3:Look at your body in the mirror totally naked (I know this is hard for some, but is really essential). First list what you LIKE about your body and then what you feel needs improvement. Don't be shy--this list is for your eyes only. Write down the truth.

Step 4:There are plenty of eHow articles on nutrition, building muscle and working out. Read them if you need to refresh your knowledge base. Determine what your goals and nutrition needs are and fit in a "junk food allowance." Remember, just because you give yourself permission to have some junk food, there are simply going to be days you will not WANT or CRAVE any. Rejoice privately!

Step 5:Keep a stash of healthy snacks in your office. Before you go get that cup of coffee or take a bathroom break, eat some raisins or other good snacks before finding the junk food glaring up at you.

Step 6:Write down your junk food intake each day and the reason why you felt compelled to eat it. Sometimes it is as simple as the person who brought the cake is an excellent baker and you knew it would be wonderful! Other times, and most often, it will be stress, boredom or peer pressure. Now you have to figure out how to handle these differently.

Step 7:Most importantly: don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day and eat a lot more junk food then you anticipated. It is "progress not perfection" that should be your goal.

Relevents Tips:

The less "crap" you eat, the better you will feel during the day--less tired, happier and more productive. Enjoy not being in "junk food hell" after lunch!

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Friday, February 22, 2008
How To Eat More Calcium

Dairy products are not the only source of calcium and, according to some experts, possibly not even the best source

These are things you'll need:

leafy, green vegetables

Step 1:Eat vegetables such as mustard greens, bok choy, okra, collard greens, broccoli, acorn squash, spinach and turnips.

Step 2:Add dried figs and lima, kidney and navy beans to your diet.

Step 3:Drink calcium-fortified soy milk or regular milk.

Step 4:Eat calcium-fortified tofu.

Step 5:Eat fish. Sardines with the bones and canned pink salmon with bones are excellent calcium sources.

Step 6:Add nuts to your diet. Some seeds are also good sources of calcium.

Step 7:Drink calcium-fortified orange juice.

Step 8:Eat dairy products such as yogurt and cheese.

Step 9:Add 1 or 2 tbsp. of blackstrap molasses to hot water and drink it.

Step 10:Make sure you get enough vitamin D, which facilitates calcium absorption.

Step 11:Decrease your protein intake if your diet is based primarily on meat and dairy products.

Step 12:Curtail caffeine, alcohol and salt intake; they inhibit calcium absorption.


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
How to Buy Vitamins

It's hard to get the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of all the vitamins you need, even when you're eating well. Find out what you're missing and how to close the gap with supplements

Things You'll Need:

  • Children's Multivitamins

  • Multivitamins

  • Vitamin A

  • Vitamin B Complax

  • Vitamin B-12
  • Vitamin B-6

  • Vitamin c
  • Vitamin D

  • Vitamin E

  • Vitamin k

Step 1:Pinpoint any special needs you have. Vegans need extra vitamin B-12, pregnant women need extra folic acid, those who don't eat dairy and women over 50 need plenty of calcium, and people who aren't exposed to much sunlight need additional vitamin D.

Step 2:Visit CyberDiet and fill out a nutritional profile. A list of the vitamins and minerals you need and estimated amounts will be generated for you.

Step 3:Ask your doctor whether any medication you take interferes with vitamin absorption, and what you should do about this.

Step 4:Buy a combination of generic multivitamins and additional supplements that covers the list you compile. Generics are just as effective as brand names.

Relevent Tips

Try taking supplements with food for better absorption. Take fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, D and K) with foods containing fats, and water-soluble vitamins with any foods.


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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
How to Have A Romantic Dinner
Romantic dinner depends upon on the person's taste in terms of romantic. It might be so romantic for you but not for some people. To make your dinner romantic ,you need to know who you are dining with. You cannot just order a table or set up a dinner without knowing the type of a person you going to go out with. Different people has different ideas the word romantic. But majority thinks that being romantic has something to do with the environment and the type of foods you have in your dinner. Music, fresh flowers ,candlelight,campfire,dancing,or whatever decorations that you like to make the place romantic. But most of all, romantic is the presents of two real people in the table. You go out because you have real care with one another. You did not just go out to escape from your children at home. Romantic dinner for real lovers not for a fake daters.How can you feel romance when thinking that might someone sees you somewhere. You cannot have a total happiness if you are hiding something. You start romancing and then all of a sudden someone knocks the door, you will not be scared if you did not do anything bad with your partner. You cheat and try to set up a romantic dinner with your mistress, how can you happy knowing that your innocent partner is waiting for you at home. Unless if you are a total jerk then you can ignore the partner who patiently wait for you at home.


Step 1:
Romantic dinner with real partner is having music of your choice as a background in your dinner and a real sweetheart who love you the most.

Step 2:
Surrounded with beautiful and fresh flowers and waterfalls. With foods that you love to eat and the quiet environment for both of you.

Step 3:
Candle lights and moonlight dancing in the beach. Sweet kisses from the person who cares about you honestly.

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Monday, February 18, 2008
how to Eat At The Right Time With Your meal
Eating your meals in schedule will help you maintain your metabolisms activities. Like when you practice eating the same time everyday then your hunger will always comes at about at the same time. Do not keep eating in different unknown times and you cannot track what time you just feed your mouth. Get your metabolism used to process foods every mid morning and always eat at that time so that you will only feel hungry on the same schedule. I myself ,eat every twelve at noon that's how my metabolism trained. I always feel hungry in the time regardless of what I do. I get used to it and it does not bother me if I cannot eat in the morning. From noon ,I will be hungry again at around seven in the evening and after that I will eat again not until noon. It is just about what you get used of doing because if your eating habit is not trained or scheduled you will always feel hungry at anytime. I can change my schedule at anytime but it always has an eight hours gap before getting hungry. Sometimes twelve hours passed I do not feel hungry. You only eat when you are hungry do not force yourself to eat if you don't feel to.


Step 1:
Trained and schedule your eating habits.

Step 2:
Eat your meals at the same time every meals and get used to it. This will help you control of eating too much anytime you get a chance.

Step 3:
Only do it if you can because if you pass the eating time and you are not get used in doing it you will pass out in hunger. Practice eating in schedule without sacrificing your appetites for foods.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
How to Lose weight By Drinking water
This isn't some "fad diet" or zero-effort weight loss program...instead I've provided some instructions and a "reality-check" to help you lose weight (or stop weight-gain) by removing excessive liquid calories from your diet!


Clean drinking water!

Step 1:
Determine your average beverage consumption: *You could do this by memory, or make notes throughout your average day to determine how many sugared beverages you drink in a day. *The average American consumes approximately: *18.6 ounces of carbonated soft drinks per day (that's 53 gallons per year!)

Step 2:
Once you have an estimate of how many ounces of liquid you drink every day, use the following formula to determine how many calories you're getting from sugar ... just from your drinks: Your formula should look like this: D = 12.5*C + 15.0*J + 7.0*U + 9.0*S where, D = daily calorie intake from liquid C = ounces of carbonated beverages (non-diet) - sweet tea is similar! J = ounces of sweetened juice (MOST juices fall into this category) U = ounces of unsweetened juice S = ounces of sports drink Based on (roughly 15 cal per teaspoon of sugar): *1 ounce of soda contains approximately 12.5 cal/ounce *1 ounce of juice (sweetened) contains approx. 15 cal/ounce *1 ounce of juice (unsweetened) contains approx. 7 cal/ounce *1 ounce of sports drink contains approx. 9 cal/ounce

Step 3:
Once you know how many calories per day you consume, multiply this by 365 to get your annual total. Divide that number by 3500 to see how many pounds of body fat you can avoid PER YEAR. FAT/year = (365 * D)/3500 For our case of the average American (18.6 ounces of soft drinks), we get 232.5 calories per day, or 84862.5 cal/year ...24 pounds of body-fat each year ... gross! And that is just from soft drinks!

Step 4:
Finally, once you are grossed out at how much weight you could be gaining in a year (or, alternately, how much you might be able to lose easily)...drink WATER instead! It makes you feel hydrated and avoids the many chemicals and artificial components of most beverages available today ... and it is CHEAP! Good luck with your weight loss! (also, figuring $2 - $5 per day on beverages, think of the money you'll save!)

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Friday, February 8, 2008
How to Article on Drinking Water
Water is crucial for many bodily functions: * It helps to sustain blood volumes while retaining energy levels. * In correct amounts water improves concentration and reaction time, during exercise in particular. * Water increases the number of calories you burn during regular daily activities. * Water can prevent stomach upset caused by concentrated medicines. * Water helps the body get rid of excess sodium that could cause the accumulation of liquids.


Better protection against certain illnesses Tests show a possible connection between a high water intake and reduced risk of, for example, colds, constipation, kidney stones, urinary tract infectio

Step 1:
Water and Health Why we need minerals: Calcium: Good for the skeletal structure and teeth. Magnesium: Can protect against heart and vascular disorders. Potassium: Needed for the muscles and nervous system. Sodium: Should be limited because we get quite a lot of sodium via salt. Improved health Water is crucial for many bodily functions: * It helps to sustain blood volumes while retaining energy levels. * In correct amounts water improves concentration and reaction time, during exercise in particular. * Water increases the number of calories you burn during regular daily activities. * Water can prevent stomach upset caused by concentrated medicines. * Water helps the body get rid of excess sodium that could cause the accumulation of liquids.

Step 2:
Better protection against certain illnesses Tests show a possible connection between a high water intake and reduced risk of, for example, colds, constipation, kidney stones, urinary tract infections and bladder cancer.

Step 3:
Improve your looks Not giving your body enough water shows on your skin, which becomes dry causing wrinkles and chapping. So make sure you drink enough water to keep your skin smoother, more elastic and less wrinkly!

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Monday, February 4, 2008
Limit Your Child sugar Intake
Childhood obesity is a serious problem. With diets propelling low fat and no fat diets, some parents inadvertently feed their children large amounts of sugar to compensate for taste. Here are some suggestions for limiting your child’s sugar intake.


Step 1:
Limit juice. Commercials and advertising make juice sound like a nutritious and healthy beverage. It is, in moderation. Even 100% all natural juices are full of sugar that is harmful to your children’s teeth and gums. Water down your child’s serving of juice and try and limit it to a few ounces per day. Choose 100% all natural juices that don’t have added sugars. If fructose or sugar is in the ingredients, choose a different option.

Step 2:
Limit candy, cookies and brownies. Don’t put out candy bowls or cookie platters. Make sure you regulate the desserts your child is snacking on throughout the day. If you do pack a dessert with your child’s lunch, opt for a bite size treat or fun size candy bar.

Step 3:
Read ingredient labels. Don’t be fooled into thinking those fruit snacks or granola bars covered in chocolate are healthy. Most snack foods that are touted as healthy treats are nothing of the sort. If you want to pack a healthy treat pack fruit, yogurt, snack size carrots or a mixture of dried fruit and nuts.

Step 4:
Choose healthy cereals rich in fiber. A lot of children’s cereals are now made with whole grain, however their sugar contents are still high. Instead choose cereal that is rich in whole grains with little added sugar. Choose a cereal with dehydrated fruit that sweetens it or make oatmeal with dried cherries or raisins.

Step 5:
Limit soda intake. Soda is chalked full of empty calories and sugar. If you do allow your child to drink soda, only let them drink half a can, or water it down slightly. Make a rule they must drink two glasses of water for each glass of soda. They won’t be thirsty enough to drink any more soda. As an alternative to soda, serve them sparkling water with lemon, lime, or even a little orange juice.

Step 6:
Refrain from serving prepackaged meals. Although a few microwave dinners never killed anyone, serving frozen foods all the time is not healthy. Most frozen options have high sodium contents and are full of added sugars and preservatives.

Step 7:
Question advertising. Low fat does not mean low sugar. A lot of times to make up for the lower fat content, companies add sugar. When opting to buy a lower fat option weigh the positives and negatives. Sometimes to avoid added sugar, preservatives, and chemicals, the higher calorie/fat option may be the healthier bet.

Step 8:
Choose whole grains. White breads have high counts of refined carbohydrate. Instead of serving white breads and rice, choose whole wheat bread and brown rice.

Step 9:
Serve fruits and vegetables with every meal. Filling up on fruits and vegetables means not filling up on sweets.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008
How to create Quick Family Meals
Whipping up a healthy meal for a hectic family lifestyle is not easy. Work, school and activity schedules leave little time for cooking and gathering around the dinner table. Preserve this valuable time together by planning ahead to create quick family meals. Use a menu plan, a meal calendar and 30 minutes or so of prep time to deliver a good meal your gang will enjoy.


Step 1:
Map out one to three months of easy menus your family likes. Keep the meals simple and quick--30 minutes or less preparation time. Begin by selecting dishes and meal combinations that everyone enjoys from your own recipes. You can also find many fast, but nutritious, recipes on the Internet, in magazines and in cookbooks. Look for one-dish meals, soup and sandwich or salad duos and other quick ideas. Do an Internet search on "quick family meals" and "30 minute meals" for lots of ideas. Select recipes that share some of the same ingredients for one particular week. Chart out a calendar of menus to shop from, cook from and to post on the refrigerator for the family to see.

Step 2:
Print each meal plan, the recipes for that menu and that menu's shopping list. Place them together on one or two pages of a scrapbook so that all details about each menu can be easily found and followed.

Step 3:
Keep your pantry, refrigerator and freezer well stocked with the most common ingredients your menus typically call for. Review your menu shopping lists each month to help you more easily prepare your grocery list. Try to shop once a month for most of your grocery needs to cut down the number of trips to the store.

Step 4:
Use a block of time to cook several meals at once. Double or triple recipes--one amount to eat immediately and two more family portions to freeze for later use. Get a lot of mileage out of a large piece of meat to slice for one meal and use the leftovers in other dishes--roast beef, beef stew, French dip sandwiches; roasted turkey, turkey tetrazinni, turkey salad; sliced ham, scalloped potatoes and ham, ham and bean soup, etc. Prepare and freeze some ingredients ahead of time--chopped onions and green peppers; cooked meat in recipe-sized amounts; freeze leftover sauces and pasta.

Step 5:
Use healthy, pre-made foods from your grocery store to expedite quick meals. Take advantage of pre-washed, bagged salad greens and other vegetables. Buy roasted chickens from your grocery deli, pizza and other wholesome convenience foods to help in a pinch.

Step 6:
Assign meal tasks to make quick family meals a reality. Complete a few simple tasks in the morning before work and school to make the evening meal easier. Recruit your children and spouse to help with meal preparation.

Step 7:
Take advantage of time-saving equipment to reduce meal preparation time. A slow cooker is the busy cook's best friend. Fill it quickly in the morning and dinner is ready when you get home. Search the Internet for wonderful slow-cooker recipes. Also use the microwave, food processors, blenders, bread machines, toaster ovens, grills and other time-saving devices to simplify your time in the kitchen.

Step 8:
Remember to check the refrigerator often for leftovers that can be assembled for a quick meal. Leftover ingredients should also be used in other dishes--casseroles, soups and stews.

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Friday, February 1, 2008
Cook for Two
Cooking for two is all about stretching what you've bought and making creative use of leftovers. So much of the food in the supermarkets is packaged for a family, that couples are left with too much food. Buying small bottles and containers of things can get way too expensive. Follow these steps to successfully cook for two.


Things You'll Need:

Cooking equipment
Cooking oil

Step 1:
Plan menus in advance. Write out what you two plan to eat for the week. If you're feeling uncreative, browse through cookbooks, magazines and online recipes for ideas.

Step 2:
Focus on a meal plan that allows you to use leftovers in a creative way. Say, for example, you're making meatloaf. The following day, you can plan to have pasta with meat sauce, using the leftover meatloaf.

Step 3:
Shop once a week to save time and effort. This will help you maximize planning.

Step 4:
Buy boxes or bags of frozen vegetables and fruits. This allows you to prepare quickly any amount you need and put the rest back in the freezer.

Step 5:
Separate bulk items and family packs as soon as you get home. You'll save money by money a larger quantity of meat. Freeze whatever you don't need tonight for another time.

Step 6:
Customize recipes when you're cooking for two. If the recipe is written for four servings, cut the amount of ingredients in half. Or, prepare the whole thing and plan to eat it twice this week.

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