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Monday, April 13, 2009
trick yourself into feeling full

These are tried and true tips--perhaps obvious to most of you sophisticated wehowers, but perhaps new to some. Uchhh--when is some GENIUS just gonna come up with an all In and Out diet which will keep us svelte and hot?

Water. Duh. Everyone knows this. If you drink a ton of water, you'll have to pee a whole lot. Oh. And you'll feel fuller all the time and you'll eat far less.

When ordering from restaurant menus, try to order a non cream-based soup. If you eat a hearty bowl of delish soup, you'll be at least halfway through part of the digestive process by the time your entree arrives. We only truly know how full we are TWENTY MINUTES after eating. After soup, you'll no doubt be bringing your tin foil swan pork loin home with you.

Chew a ton of sugar-free gum. Chewing keeps you orally stimulated and you'll think about food less. You'll also be enjoying some half-heinous, half-delicious fake apple or orange or mint or grape flavor throughout the day!

The later you eat at night, the hungrier you'll be in the morning. Don't ask me why--I'm not a freaking food doctor, y' all. It just is what it is. Maybe it's our biology telling us it's a mortal sin to eat after 7pm. Or is it Oprah?

When you do eat a full meal, be sure it's high in flavor. Not "fat" necessarily: how delicious is fat?--but things like herbs, garlic, vinegar, soy, etc...Or bacon.Or pate.Or butter.Ohhhh butter.

Try sparkling water over still water--although it sounds somewhat ridiculous, that extra texture, or "Exture" as I like to call it, almost tricks you into thinking you're chewing.


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