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Tuesday, February 12, 2008
How to Lose weight By Drinking water
This isn't some "fad diet" or zero-effort weight loss program...instead I've provided some instructions and a "reality-check" to help you lose weight (or stop weight-gain) by removing excessive liquid calories from your diet!


Clean drinking water!

Step 1:
Determine your average beverage consumption: *You could do this by memory, or make notes throughout your average day to determine how many sugared beverages you drink in a day. *The average American consumes approximately: *18.6 ounces of carbonated soft drinks per day (that's 53 gallons per year!)

Step 2:
Once you have an estimate of how many ounces of liquid you drink every day, use the following formula to determine how many calories you're getting from sugar ... just from your drinks: Your formula should look like this: D = 12.5*C + 15.0*J + 7.0*U + 9.0*S where, D = daily calorie intake from liquid C = ounces of carbonated beverages (non-diet) - sweet tea is similar! J = ounces of sweetened juice (MOST juices fall into this category) U = ounces of unsweetened juice S = ounces of sports drink Based on (roughly 15 cal per teaspoon of sugar): *1 ounce of soda contains approximately 12.5 cal/ounce *1 ounce of juice (sweetened) contains approx. 15 cal/ounce *1 ounce of juice (unsweetened) contains approx. 7 cal/ounce *1 ounce of sports drink contains approx. 9 cal/ounce

Step 3:
Once you know how many calories per day you consume, multiply this by 365 to get your annual total. Divide that number by 3500 to see how many pounds of body fat you can avoid PER YEAR. FAT/year = (365 * D)/3500 For our case of the average American (18.6 ounces of soft drinks), we get 232.5 calories per day, or 84862.5 cal/year ...24 pounds of body-fat each year ... gross! And that is just from soft drinks!

Step 4:
Finally, once you are grossed out at how much weight you could be gaining in a year (or, alternately, how much you might be able to lose easily)...drink WATER instead! It makes you feel hydrated and avoids the many chemicals and artificial components of most beverages available today ... and it is CHEAP! Good luck with your weight loss! (also, figuring $2 - $5 per day on beverages, think of the money you'll save!)

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