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Friday, February 1, 2008
Cook for Two
Cooking for two is all about stretching what you've bought and making creative use of leftovers. So much of the food in the supermarkets is packaged for a family, that couples are left with too much food. Buying small bottles and containers of things can get way too expensive. Follow these steps to successfully cook for two.


Things You'll Need:

Cooking equipment
Cooking oil

Step 1:
Plan menus in advance. Write out what you two plan to eat for the week. If you're feeling uncreative, browse through cookbooks, magazines and online recipes for ideas.

Step 2:
Focus on a meal plan that allows you to use leftovers in a creative way. Say, for example, you're making meatloaf. The following day, you can plan to have pasta with meat sauce, using the leftover meatloaf.

Step 3:
Shop once a week to save time and effort. This will help you maximize planning.

Step 4:
Buy boxes or bags of frozen vegetables and fruits. This allows you to prepare quickly any amount you need and put the rest back in the freezer.

Step 5:
Separate bulk items and family packs as soon as you get home. You'll save money by money a larger quantity of meat. Freeze whatever you don't need tonight for another time.

Step 6:
Customize recipes when you're cooking for two. If the recipe is written for four servings, cut the amount of ingredients in half. Or, prepare the whole thing and plan to eat it twice this week.

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