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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
How to Have A Romantic Dinner
Romantic dinner depends upon on the person's taste in terms of romantic. It might be so romantic for you but not for some people. To make your dinner romantic ,you need to know who you are dining with. You cannot just order a table or set up a dinner without knowing the type of a person you going to go out with. Different people has different ideas the word romantic. But majority thinks that being romantic has something to do with the environment and the type of foods you have in your dinner. Music, fresh flowers ,candlelight,campfire,dancing,or whatever decorations that you like to make the place romantic. But most of all, romantic is the presents of two real people in the table. You go out because you have real care with one another. You did not just go out to escape from your children at home. Romantic dinner for real lovers not for a fake daters.How can you feel romance when thinking that might someone sees you somewhere. You cannot have a total happiness if you are hiding something. You start romancing and then all of a sudden someone knocks the door, you will not be scared if you did not do anything bad with your partner. You cheat and try to set up a romantic dinner with your mistress, how can you happy knowing that your innocent partner is waiting for you at home. Unless if you are a total jerk then you can ignore the partner who patiently wait for you at home.


Step 1:
Romantic dinner with real partner is having music of your choice as a background in your dinner and a real sweetheart who love you the most.

Step 2:
Surrounded with beautiful and fresh flowers and waterfalls. With foods that you love to eat and the quiet environment for both of you.

Step 3:
Candle lights and moonlight dancing in the beach. Sweet kisses from the person who cares about you honestly.

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