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Monday, February 18, 2008
how to Eat At The Right Time With Your meal
Eating your meals in schedule will help you maintain your metabolisms activities. Like when you practice eating the same time everyday then your hunger will always comes at about at the same time. Do not keep eating in different unknown times and you cannot track what time you just feed your mouth. Get your metabolism used to process foods every mid morning and always eat at that time so that you will only feel hungry on the same schedule. I myself ,eat every twelve at noon that's how my metabolism trained. I always feel hungry in the time regardless of what I do. I get used to it and it does not bother me if I cannot eat in the morning. From noon ,I will be hungry again at around seven in the evening and after that I will eat again not until noon. It is just about what you get used of doing because if your eating habit is not trained or scheduled you will always feel hungry at anytime. I can change my schedule at anytime but it always has an eight hours gap before getting hungry. Sometimes twelve hours passed I do not feel hungry. You only eat when you are hungry do not force yourself to eat if you don't feel to.


Step 1:
Trained and schedule your eating habits.

Step 2:
Eat your meals at the same time every meals and get used to it. This will help you control of eating too much anytime you get a chance.

Step 3:
Only do it if you can because if you pass the eating time and you are not get used in doing it you will pass out in hunger. Practice eating in schedule without sacrificing your appetites for foods.

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