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Sunday, January 27, 2008
How to Make Egg Fried rice
This egg fried rice recipe is sure to delight your family. You can make egg fried rice as a main dish, a one-dish meal recipe, or as a side dish to compliment an entree.


Things You'll need:

Cooked rice, cold
Olive oil
Coconut oil
Candied Ginger
Shrimp or meat
Peas or veggies
Soy Sauce

Step 1:
Heat coconut butter or olive oil in a pan over medium-high heat. The egg fried rice recipe is best made with a high-quality oil. Be careful not to let the oil smoke; turn the heat slightly lower if this happens.

Step 2:
Add minced garlic and minced candied ginger to the oil. This egg fried rice recipe does not have exact measurements and can be tailored to your taste. One or two cloves of garlic and several slices of ginger work for most medium size recipe amounts.

Step 3:
Add the cold cooked rice to the pan, slowly, crumbling out any lumps. This fried rice recipe is great to make with leftover rice. You need at least two cups of cooked rice.

Step 4:
Continue to fry the rice, adding extra olive oil if needed. Brown the rice without scorching it. Add chopped meat, pieces of chicken or shrimp if desired.

Step 5:
Clear a space in the middle of the pan. Add a small amount of oil and crack in two eggs. Scramble eggs and mix in with the rice as they cook. Organic eggs make the best egg fried rice recipe.

Step 6:
Add frozen peas or oriental veggies to the pan. Mix in a small amount of soy sauce and season with sea salt, pepper, cumin, and curry, to taste.

Relevent Tips
The sugar on the candied ginger make the rice caramelize, providing a delicious flavor and perfect texture.


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