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Thursday, March 6, 2008
Quit smoking Now!
Quitting can be the toughest thing you've ever done, or the easiest thing you've ever done. Everyone is different. Here's help that can apply to anyone.


Thins you'll Need:
  • Febreeze
  • Laundry Soap
  • A weekend to yourself
  • Twizzlers, gum, anything to keep your mind off of smoking and your mouth occupied.

Step 1:You need 3 days to yourself. Isolate yourself from the world! Watch tv, kick back. Throw away your cigarettes. Tell yourself why its so harmful to your health.

Step 2:Every time you crave a cigarette, chew some gum. What's really going on is the nicotine-hungry brain nerves in your head are going nuts, aching for a cigarette. All you need to do is sit it out, watch tv or whatever it is that will get your mind off it.

Step 3:Tell nobody to come over. If your friends are smokers, don't let them in your house. Chances are they smoked in the car on the way there, and you could probably smell it allover them and then you end up hating them for a good minute.

Step 4:Once your three days are up, pat yourself on the back because it only takes 72 hours for your body to be no longer addicted to nicotine. Now all you have is a mental addiction, it's a lifestyle, it's a way of life you have probably lived for a while. Just try to stay active and constantly keep your mind going. It will be good for you.


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