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Sunday, March 23, 2008
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Here is an important foundational truth you need to know:
In Order To Grow, A Business Has To Be Scalable.

Being scalable means a business
that currently serves 100 happy
customers can expand into a
company that serves 1000 or even
10,000 happy customers with
minimum growing pains.

A business is truly scalable when
it has been built in a way that
accommodates steady growth and
necessary expansion can take
place smoothly.

One person who knows and does everything for their own business is naturally
limited by the number of hours in a day. They can employ top notch time
management strategies to get more done in less time – but there will always be a
limit that he or she won't be able to move past.

On the other hand, a business that is developed around systems rather than
people, can grow as far as that system is capable. A well designed system can
scale itself larger and larger with good management while other systems lack
flexibility and limit growth to the tasks and projects that it was specifically crafted
to manage.

If the way you do things can only work when you do them, you're going to hit an
invisible ceiling over and over.

Knowing this makes you wonder how far you are from your very own 'glass
ceiling' doesn't it?

Big businesses know about the key importance of being scalable – but small
businesses and solo entrepreneurs have less experience with it.

SOHO owners (Small Office/Home Office) have generally focused on creating a
business that puts them in as much control as possible every step of the way.
This is understandable and even admirable in start up phases. Budget restraints
often mean that the owner/operators take on the accountant, marketing, sales
and administrative support roles as well – at least for a season.
It's how most high power entrepreneurs got their start.

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