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Sunday, January 6, 2008
How To Make West Chicken Soup
I really love this kind of soup and i know that if you try it you will love it also..


Thing You'll Need

12 Quart pot or close to it
Chicken legs or thighs
Cumin seasoning
Galic Powder
Can veggies
Corn on the Cob

Step 1:
Boil Chicken till it is done, DO NOT pure the water out that is your juice,YOU WILL LEAVE CHICKEN ON THE BONE

Step 2:
Cut potatos in the size you want them, I cut mine in half. they will need to be pilled

Step 3:
put potatos in with the chicken, At this time you will also put in the cabbage. Make sure it is cut up the way you want it

Step 4:
After that... Start adding the seasoning, and what you want to do is add alittle at a time till you like the taste.

Step 5:
Let everything boil for about 20-30 MINS then add the rest of the stuff like, Can Veggies, Corn on the cob,Etc...

Relevent Tips
It is all up to You to make the Flavor just add alittle of the seasonings at a time and slowly taste it


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