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Tuesday, January 1, 2008
How To Make a Sandwish
Hallo great sandwish fellow! Though surely had it not been him, someone would have popularized this classic portable meal. Now anyone can throw stuff between bread and eat it, but a great sandwich is made with meticulous touches. Obsessive, yes, but that is how to make a great sandwich.


Things you'll need

2 slices of choice bread
Choice of meats
Choice of cheese
Tomato slices
Choice of lettuce: Iceberg, romaine, green leaf or any other
Pickle slices
Raw onion rings
Black olive rings
Sweet banana pepper rings
Italian dressing
Salt and pepper
2 green olives with toothpicks

Step 1:
Choose a bread. Make it special like tuscan herb, or maybe a homemade variety. The bread is on either end of your sandwich. If you want it to be great, then you’ve got to do better than manufactured breads stacked in plastic bags on grocery store shelves.

Step 2:
Spread your choice of mustard evenly over one side of bread, all the way out to the edges. Meat goes on top of this.

Step 3:
Make your choices of meats and cheeses to compliment each other. Roast beef or ham go great with Swiss. Bologna and pepperoni are good with cheddar or American.

Step 4:
Heat meat and cheese. Spread sliced roast beef in a skillet and sear both sides. Then cover with slices of Swiss and let it melt. Use a spatula to scoop this on to mustard slathered bread.

Step 5:
Spread a few licks of mustard over cheese and distribute pickle slices evenly on top. Lay tomato slices to cover the bread width entirely and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Layer multiple lettuce leaves to cover the entire surface and sprinkle that with salt and pepper.

Step 6:
Top with onion, banana pepper and black olive rings. Lightly spurt with Italian dressing. Spread mayonnaise to evenly cover top bread and press sandwich together.

Step 7:
Slip a toothpick through two green olives and stick through either side of your masterpiece. Cut sandwich in half for ease of handling. Get ready to enjoy a great sandwich.


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